Sunday, September 2, 2007

Sunday flying

Well, we had a great afternoon at the field today! We had a small competition, and the results is in: 1. D Fourie 72% 2. W Potgieter 63% 3. J Snyman 52% 4. L Vermaak 20% I think the judges was a bit tough today, but we all had fun! (I have to mention that there was a really bad crosswind too!) PS: Thanks to the judges, Oom Don and Oom Gert. Now for something a bit more exiting. Dirk was asked to maiden a 120 size Funtana. (The Funtana belongs to Henk) The takeoff was fine, first turn good, but on the downwind leg, all of a sudden, BOTH elevator halves decided to part company with the plane!! (We suspect flutter was the problem) amazingly enough, Dirk was able to land the plane without a scratch! Now that takes some skill! Well done Dirk, and I'll bet Henk is quite happy too! :o) (Click for bigger) -- from hyper7pro - (?)

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