Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Sunday flying.

Well, the weather on Sunday was absolutely beautiful for flying, and quite a lot of the guys turned up at the field to take advantage of the fine day. Henk se Edge 540. -- from hyper7pro - (?) My Skybolt coming in for a "touch and go". -- from hyper7pro - (?)
-- from hyper7pro - (?) Marius Burger built this absolutely beautiful little plane. The trim flight was a little rough because of elevator over sensitivity. After landing, he cut about 1 cm off the elevator, and the next three flights was awesome! The little engine runs full blast until the tank is empty, and then you do a few slow graceful gliding circuits, and then the landing. This is probably the last post for 2007, so seasons greetings, and a prosperous 2008 to everybody! Last but certainly not least, I would like to congratulate Dirk and Juanita on the birth of their daughter.

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